CS115: Almost Killed a Guy

Thomas almost killed a guy and the dudes talk about that for a bit. Then they breakdown an incredible 7 second clip from CNN’s Jesusy whatever Jesus show that you HAVE to watch, find the link below. Then it’s all about Sam’s daughter who faced down a championship softball team of 7 year olds.

Jesus Thing


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CS114: Silent Tipping War

This week we’ve got more Sam and more Thomas. That’s essentially most weeks though really. Sam has some funny stories he’s been hoarding and Thomas had a music experience that completely ruined a band for him. Find out what happened and next week’s winning lotto numbers!

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CS112: The Pinnacle of Food Technology

We’ve got quite a show for you with all the best fast food insights that you never knew you needed. Also Sam has a couple boxes of crap from his last move that are still just sitting there. Find out what’s in them! Also this week’s boner is particularly amazing, I recommend you listen over on Patreon.com/shoeshine

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CS111: The Damn Dam Done Broke

We’re currently podcasting from under water because there’s some sort of problem related to the Oroville dam which is pretty close to where we live. What is that problem? Well you could read a news story for 3 seconds and figure it out or just have no idea because you’re too lazy or something. Somehow no one is able to just read information and process it. When I say no one I just mean like most people. And maybe not even most, just a really painfully visible subsection of people online who are the worst and probably voted for Trump or something.


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CS110: Why Do You Ponder Passing

Thomas is having his regularly scheduled breakdown so the dudes talk breakdowns and compare breakdown sizes. Sam’s breakdowns are girthier while Thomas’s are more lengthy. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Anyway then some super bowl talk and some other stuff oh let’s face it it’s always interesting if you like us and if you don’t then you suck anyway so whatever.

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CS109: The Ground Is Lava

We talk about some stuff we all did as kids like the ceiling being the floor and the ground being lava. Also, Thomas has a thingy that he can’t believe the new generation won’t have to go through, and then the dudes do some reminiscing on that. It’s a solid show, I’d say in our top 30%.

***no weasels were harmed or even seen in the making of this podcast***


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