CS258: Twenty Twenty Shoe

Sam somehow has nothing except his stuff will be featured on a future episode of Storage Wars. Thomas has several things like kid backpack stories, SMUD trying to sell him the good shit. Male gynecologist. And never never missing hockey games.


CS256: Fits Size 2-47

We’ve got some clothing rantings and then Sam hates Pet Sounds. Also what tf is Jakob Dylan? is he a genius or some weird asshole? We happened to watch Echo in the Canyon to get to the bottom of this question raised by Echo in the Canyon.


CS253: Not On Our Watch


Because we don’t own watches. Because they’re stupid, sorry. Let’s see, we talked about: history. Stuff that is a minor inconvenience every day that we have and haven’t fixed. A new oven saga. A DMV saga. Who knows what else. Well I guess you do if you just like listen to the show or whatever.

CS250: Ok I think this is where the episode title goes


Ok yeah and then this is where we used to type the description? Or is it… Damn I think it is. So we should probably say some jokes or things that were in the episode. But then we wouldn’t want to spoil any punchlines so never mind. Alright let me try to find the button to publish it. Just a bunch of cobwebs everywhere

F This Remastered Episode 7 Stream

download here

It’s another F This Remastered!

Episode 7:  The One Where We Totally Rip Off Friends 04-19-2011

Things, things, and more things.  Computer literacy; stories; “Act Now!;” Iraqi oil; soundtracks; horse racing; some more great commercials; and a brand new little segment!