F This Remastered Episode 3 Part 1 Stream

download here

Here’s part 1 of episode 3, plus some other chatter while we streamed.

Episode 3: Fall of Cobra 3-29-2011

Sam tells his life story; racquetball doubles losers; freak show news stories; I’m Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint; and an extra special breakdown of the show “Ghost Hunters” for this week’s stupid sh*t people believe!

F This Podcast Remastered Episode 2 Stream

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Here’s the audio from episode 2. Unfortunately 2011 Thomas totally effed the sound for 8 minutes. After that it’s golden.

Episode 2: Secret of the Ooze

Coffee shop laptop people, Facebook upgrades, public bathroom toilet paper, Saint Patrick’s Day, the mysterious full moon, and IBM commercials.  I mean COME ON.

F This Podcast Remastered Episode 1 Stream

download here

We’re doing something kinda weird but hopefully cool. I’m remastering and editing the olllld F This Podcast episodes from 2011 and we’re broadcasting them during our weekly game stream Mondays at 4:30 pm Pacific on twitch.tv/seriouspod. It’s a trip down memory lane, with some new observations and reactions along the way. Hope you enjoy it! If not that’s fine just don’t tell me about it ok.