CS175: In the Same Place Sode

It’s a rare recording in which the brothers Smith are in the same house for some reason. We’ve got a couple commercials to make fun of including the best commercial ever and the most average commercial ever. Also what if aliens landed on Earth.

Then for patrons, we’ve got a nice extra long bonus segment! Head over to patreon.com/shoeshine and pledge virtually nothing and enjoy that bonus extra!

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CS174: Brand New Car

Sam and Thomas talk about hiring people to do awful jobs they’d never do themselves and how it’s really difficult because they’d want to massively overpay. Then, if last episode’s softball talk didn’t getcha, strap in for some hardcore real talk on fast food vs fancy food.

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CS168: Busting Your Brackets

If any of you had Shoosh releasing an early episode in your March Madness Bracket, then you did a weird ass bracket and it probably made no sense to anyone because let’s face it, Shoeshine, while unarguably one of the best podcasts there is, doesn’t have many of what people call “listeners.” But you were right on the whole early episode prediction thing!

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