CS: 67 We Landed On The Moon!

The dudes open up with some childhood stories that will make the hair stand up on the back of your elbows. But they’re all true. Also if you’re in the market for a giant satellite dish that could get you a shitload of channels back in 1987 then email us your best offers and we’ll sift through them to find the highest one. It could be yours!

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  1. I used to build the actuator assemblies for satellite dishes from 8′ to 30′. You could buy them from the same folks that sold them to TV stations, cable companies, hotels and mega-churches. Different “birds” (satellites) had different signals, so you had to use the remote to point the dish at a particular bird to get a particular channel. And, yes, some of the channels were “raw” feeds where you could occasionally catch Katie Couric picking her nose during a commercial break, and other “insider” views. Later, everything was encrypted and you didn’t get anything you weren’t paying for. Those were the days.

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