CS121: Europe Isn’t America Part 2

There are even more reasons why Europe isn’t America. More funny observations on this topic!


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  1. Tried out this podcast because i like the others thomas does. Between the shtick about not tipping valets, and the complaints about the homeless I’m now totally disgusted.

    • Comedy Shoeshine

      Hey Aaron,

      First thing’s first, if you don’t find the show funny, no big deal. We have a specific sense of humor that some people love and most people don’t. But if on the off chance you might otherwise like the show but were offended by these two particular items, let me just give our side. First off, if you listened for a while I think you’d find a lot of honesty and empathy in our humor. Often times we’ll play the bad guy to make a point. Often times we are just more honest in admitting things that I think most people are thinking but don’t want to say. As for tipping: both of us prefer the European system where there is no tipping. It’s all built in. We’ve both said before that we’d GLADLY give even more, just build it into the stupid check in the first place. That being said, we both tip all wait staff excessively. I just give 20% automatically every time regardless of the service. Sam’s joke on the valet was more that he didn’t want to give grimey dollars and it makes him feel like he’s being artificially put in a position of superiority to whoever he’s tipping.
      As for homeless people, I did speak a bit callously about them for humor’s sake in this episode. Sorry if that offended you. My biggest point on the homeless is I believe in exceptional social programs to help. I don’t think the system of “give the first person who looks like they need a few bucks money and then fuck the rest because you are out of dollar bills” is a particularly effective way of dealing with homelessness. As far as I hear, Paris really does just like bus off their homeless people. I really don’t know what to make of that, I just wanted to point it out as a difference between where we are and Paris.
      Anyway, you felt compelled to post so I felt compelled to at least give our perspective. But again, the bottom line is if you weren’t laughing, the show isn’t funny to you, so absolutely feel free to not listen.


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