CS142: A Really Convictable Face

First Sam’s got a story about having to subject his poor innocent boy to some horrible shots. Then we talk about the Lacy Peterson documentary and Scott Peterson’s incredibly convictable face. This week’s bonus content is a weird family update involving murder and suicide. It’s weird. Definitely don’t check it out if you don’t feel up to it, otherwise go to patreon.com/shoeshine and pledge like nothing.

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  1. Hmm, not sure if I’m an ignorant non-parent here, but I felt like Sam’s account of that hospital visit was borderline abusive.. Like *way* borderline, but still, it’s shit like this that causes kids to fear all dental and doctor visits..

    To my ears, to sounded like it was too much effort to inform him ahead of time, and while that’s perfectly fine for a baby that has no capacity for comprehension, even a child too young to carry memories through to adulthood (which is a weird zone for pragmatic morality), still can feel betrayed…

    I know you guys didn’t have any kind of father figure role model, and hey yeah neither, but communication is the key to all relationships.

    Teach kids about vaccination, in simplified terms, or about those countries where it is not so available.. It’s a good opportunity to introduce concepts like “necessary pain” or suffering a *little* as insurance to prevent future suffering.

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