Episode 4 Contest! Family Feud Guessing Game!

This week, we have a contest for a $10 iTunes gift card!  Make sure you listen to the episode for details and then leave a comment on this blog post with your best answer to what question was asked of 100 people on Family Feud that elicited the answers seen in the picture below.  Remember, we aren’t looking for the actual question that was asked, we want you to come up with one!  Good luck!

Fued #1


  1. What’s the first thing you wash in the shower?

  2. Things you focus on talking about on a first date.

  3. If you got invited to speak at a UN Security Council meeting, what would be the main topic of discussion?

  4. Oh thank the baby Jesus I finnaly figured out the Twitter…I made one just for this so I can officially submit my entry.
    What the question actually was “places I like to be motorboated” yup I saw that episode it was very surprising.

  5. Name something you would like to be licked.

  6. Song titles for Weird Al’s parody of “My Humps”.

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