CS192: Million Dollar Target Card

Sam has a harrowing tale of trying to do a normal human interaction. His longtime employee is leaving to move across the country. How does he cope? Also Thomas was poisoned. Then Sam has a really depressing segment on whether or not you want a dead body. Body or no-body, vote on Twitter.

After that, head over to patreon.com/shoeshine to hear about Thomas having seen Hair the musical.

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Episode 5 Contest! Musicians Who Would Have Been Legendary If They Had Died Young!

This week, we have another contest for a $10 iTunes gift card!  Make sure you listen to the episode for details and then leave a comment on this blog post with your best answer.  This week we are looking for what musician or band would have benefited the most by dying young.  As in they would have been more famous or considered a legend if they had died early in their career.  Also for a tie breaker, mention how they should have died.  We will pick what we think is the best answer. Thanks for listening!