Episode 5 Contest! Musicians Who Would Have Been Legendary If They Had Died Young!

This week, we have another contest for a $10 iTunes gift card!  Make sure you listen to the episode for details and then leave a comment on this blog post with your best answer.  This week we are looking for what musician or band would have benefited the most by dying young.  As in they would have been more famous or considered a legend if they had died early in their career.  Also for a tie breaker, mention how they should have died.  We will pick what we think is the best answer. Thanks for listening!


  1. Scatman John! If he would’ve died just after Scatmans World, his song would’ve been the talking point for ages.

  2. Iggy Pop would have benefited no doubt; The early stooges were amazing. If that’s all he was remembered by he would be considered a visionary.
    He should have died on stage the one time when he actually did ram a microphone up his ass.

    Ozzy Osbourne should have ofcourse died getting rabbies from a bat he bit the head off of.

    Paul Mccartney wouldn’t have been as famous if he didn’t die and be replaced by an imposter.

    Also, I don’t know about your feelings on and am kind of concered about your lack of inclusion of the obvious example of this being Jim Morrison. I doubt he would have a shrine if he would have outlived his fame. I actually do like the Doors though.

    I don’t care if putting down four answers disqualifies me. My goal is not to win, it’s to make others lose.

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