Episode 6 Contest! Who should we impersonate?

This week, we have another contest for a $10 iTunes gift card!  Make sure you listen to the episode for details and then leave a comment on this blog post with your best answer.  This week we are looking for suggestions for who Sam and Thomas should try to impersonate.  We will pick what we think is the best answer. Thanks for listening!


  1. Frank Calliendo

  2. Ya Brian got to the Frank Caliendo first, best answer. Soo I’ll say Mr. Ogeen.

  3. Tommy Wiseau. Oh my God, please do Tommy Wiseau.

  4. I would set the bar as low as possible for you guys and say Groot.

    • Come on Sam. You have to practice literally 3 words, which you could knock out while taking the Lambo for a spin at open track day, and I get Tom’s money without the risk of a cat-shit-box. Fucking win-win man.

  5. Mike Tyson.

  6. Bill O’Reilly

  7. Richard Dawkins

  8. Tenacious D

  9. Bert and Ernie. Although the characters’ inherent sexusl tension might be really uncomfortable, due to you being brothers and all.

    FWIW, I think Thomas is a little more Bert and Sam is a little more Ernie.

  10. I’m going for a second one: Michael Clarke Duncan.

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