CS201: Sam Has Every Bad Thing

We’ve still got a ton of spillover from the episode 200 festivities, but after that we’re back to business as usual which means slaying you to death with observations and humor. Thomas has a segment on Lydia which turns into discovering more and more about why Sam is so nuts and miserable.

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CS200: 200th Episode Spooktacular!

We asked and you answered, so we’ve got GUESTS GUESTS GUESTS! So many great guests, most of a your favorites from Shoosh history. Who can forget all the guests over the years who came, ranted, and enjoyed being a part of our famous show. We chat with each and every one of our illustrious guests about their time on the show and the impact it had on their lives. Also Sam has a thrilling McDonald’s friend update, a softball league update, Thomas is obsessed with Pokemon, and had a weird concert experience. But there’s hardly room for that with all the GUESTS!

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CS196: Ok FINE We’re Back

We heard a mighty clamoring so we did a double recording. First sode has exciting chase scenes and action sequences as Thomas tries to make a connecting flight in Paris under non-French speaking circumstances. Also Sam has a new dad.

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CS194: Killer Robot Toast

Thomas went to a wedding in god knows where somewhere super far away. Sam was into Toto after it was cool, but before it was cool the second time. Plus brains are impossible and where in the hell did James Dean die. Then we’ve got an extra long bonus segment for patrons! Sam has a question about how the hell to be a parent, and Thomas tells an insane story about fighting with their sibling. patreon.com/shoeshine

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