CS120: Europe Isn’t America

It’s  a bunch of observations from Thomas’s Europe trip! And Thomas let Sam speak for a few minutes toward the end with a great tipping story. But definitely don’t miss the boner content over on patreon.com/shoeshine where Sam reveals a get rich quick scheme!!!

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CS115: Almost Killed a Guy

Thomas almost killed a guy and the dudes talk about that for a bit. Then they breakdown an incredible 7 second clip from CNN’s Jesusy whatever Jesus show that you HAVE to watch, find the link below. Then it’s all about Sam’s daughter who faced down a championship softball team of 7 year olds.

Jesus Thing


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CS114: Silent Tipping War

This week we’ve got more Sam and more Thomas. That’s essentially most weeks though really. Sam has some funny stories he’s been hoarding and Thomas had a music experience that completely ruined a band for him. Find out what happened and next week’s winning lotto numbers!

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