CS: 78 We’re Just Hiding Our Trash

The dudes are back in town and this time it’s about a bunch of stuff and things. Let’s face it, whatever we’re talking about is probably funny to you otherwise why would you still be listening. So I’m not going to sit here and waste my time, and furthermore waste YOUR time trying to convince you to do something that you’re already either going to or not going to do.


CS: 77 We Love Old People

We have nothing but the utmost respect for old people. They’re some of the best people we’ve ever met. A lot of our good friends are old people and we certainly would never mean to diminish or take away from the immense contributions that old people have made to our society and to the world. Old people are mothers, fathers, and valued community members. You may be an old person, for all we know. If you are, we salute you.

CS: 74 Mailing In The Iraq War

It’s a rare on time episode of Comedy Shoeshine. Make sure to pump those Reeboks in preparation for this one. Sam definitely hates all veterans. Did or did not the Revenant suck? This episode is going to be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done and some of you may die listening to it. There will be arguments, you’ll want to leave, you’ll sleep with this episode’s sister, but after all that, it will be worth it because entering into this episode with the dudes is the greatest bond humans can have.

CS: 71 Tom and Cecil, But Not That Tom

Filling in for Sam, whose disease riddled kids are likely whining all the way to his vacation destination, is Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance! This is a pretty big get for this show and we actually had to mortgage all our assets to pull it off. If Cecil isn’t a huge ratings boost we’re likely going into hiding because we borrowed some money from people who aren’t exactly member FDIC… But let’s stay positive here, it’s CECIL!

Check out the video of Eli’s terrible driving here: https://youtu.be/al1QMopxfUY