CS: 97 The Van

I can’t believe we’ve never talked about the van before. If you’re into dad stories and stories about our childhood, you’re going to love this crucial piece you’ve been missing this entire time. Wait that’s no one. No one could possibly care about any of that. Oh well, maybe listen and see if we made some good jokes or anything.

CS: 95 Sherpa Music

What you’re about to listen to may well represent the best Shoosh has ever been. It’s all downhill from here. Well except there were some parts that were only good and not great. But the boner content for this week was absolutely better than any other content we ever do. You definitely should listen. Seriously.

CS: 93 I’ll Turn This House Around

Stop putting up with crap, everyone. That definitely includes this show. If you think it’s crap don’t listen to it. If everyone did that, then we would know we were terrible and we wouldn’t keep putting out a crap show and making people suffer through it. Now apply that lesson everywhere.

CS: 89 Not An Early Episode At All

This episode was recorded early but not at all released early, despite completely boneheaded speculation by the hosts that it might somehow release itself early without any intervention by humans. It was a really happy thought at the time but reality crushed that dream. Anyway, it’s really funny and great, just like you think all our episodes are otherwise you would have quit a really long time ago.