CS105: I’ll Just Be Here Raking

Sometimes when you’re in a no-win situation you just have to pick up a rake. Did you know it’s 2017? The dudes had no idea. Someone should have told us. New Year’s programming in unwatchable so we didn’t notice that that all happened and stuff. Also we’ve got some amazing tales of shitty work we had to do as kids that never was done.

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CS104: 20 Year No-Barf Streak: BROKEN

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Sam’s run has finally come to an end. A glorious end filled with barf and diarrhea and you definitely don’t want to miss it. He got an super flu that nearly killed him and resulted in a late Shoosh episode which apparently no one cares about. Like literally no one complained about us not doing a show. I mean I’ve looked at the numbers, I know SOMEONE listens to this show but whoever it is must have been too busy with Christmas or whatever to show us a little concern. Maybe we were dead? How do you know?

CS102: I’m Sorry, You’re A Skeleton

Why isn’t the doctor doing the little hammer thing to my knee anymore. What, is it not important that my leg flinches properly? What if it isn’t, how would he know? Also we break down the Fast and the Furious 800 trailer that just made a big splash tonight. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! Start your engines! Rev those gas pedals and get ready for a tire screeching good time!

CS: 99 I Got 99 Problems And They’re Now All CS Episodes

Alright well we’ve got one more childhood related episode. Hopefully we’ll get off this whole childhood kick lately but I don’t know, maybe you guys like it. How the hell would we possibly know what you do and don’t like? Anyway, the FAIR. Greatest time ever as a kid. Also some other stuff.

CS: 97 The Van

I can’t believe we’ve never talked about the van before. If you’re into dad stories and stories about our childhood, you’re going to love this crucial piece you’ve been missing this entire time. Wait that’s no one. No one could possibly care about any of that. Oh well, maybe listen and see if we made some good jokes or anything.